Midroll Reps the Most Chart-Topping Podcasts

Who doesn’t love a good list? America’s Top 40, the Fortune 500, David Letterman’s Top 10 lists.

And, in the podcast industry, we keep an eye on the iTunes Charts.

We make it our business to represent as many of the best and most beloved shows possible. And we’re not just saying that. Take a look at iTunes main Top Podcasts chart and you’ll find that Midroll represents more shows than any other company.

This group includes podcasts in some currently hot genres, like fantasy football—Fantasy Footballers and Harris Football—and fantasy & horror—The Last Podcast on the Left, Myths and Legends and the Black Tapes.

Plus Midroll represents an array of old and new classics, like WTF, Nerdist, StarTalk Radio, The Bill Simmons Podcast, Guys We F****d, The Room Where It’s Happening, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, and Grammar Girl.

Moreover, we represent shows in the top 20 of 14 out of 15 iTunes categories, from Business and Comedy to Science & Medicine.

Now, we do want to be up front about the fact that the iTunes charts don’t represent total downloads. The good folks at iTunes have their own secret formula for tabulating chart position that takes into account many factors. (And if you want to know more data about any of our shows–like downloads and demographics–just drop us a line.)

However, the charts do give us a great snapshot of the podcasts that iTunes and iOS users are excited about and engaging with. And, since iTunes still accounts for the vast majority of podcast listens, this snapshot is very relevant.

Plus, listeners turn to the charts to discover new shows, too.

So when you’re looking to reach some of the most engaged audiences who listen to the most popular shows, make sure to keep Midroll in mind. You can always see the whole roster at shows.midroll.com.

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