Midroll Media Announces Leadership Transition To Prepare for Next Stage Growth

Responding to tremendous success since its founding, Midroll Media, the leading provider of production and monetization services to the podcasting industry, announces both a leadership reorganization and plans to add creative and business staff.

Founding CEO Jeff Ullrich is stepping into the role of non-executive Chairman and Adam Sachs has been named the company’s new CEO. Sachs joined Midroll Media in October 2013 as COO and Head of Product and has overseen rapid development in Midroll’s user-focused advertising web app, as well as the debut of the company’s new website. He is an official mentor for the inaugural Disney Accelerator program, incubating ten selected technology-enabled start-ups in media and entertainment.

Prior to joining Midroll Media, in 2007 he co-founded the company that became the largest dating site in India, which he sold to Match.com in 2013. He was named one of Inc. Magazine’s top “30 Entrepreneurs Under 30,” in 2011.

“I am really lucky to have found Adam. As a founder, you never plan on firing yourself,” Ullrich said. “But given Adam’s ability to grow our business while protecting our great culture, I realized I had that option. He has twice as much experience as a CEO as I do and I trust him completely. The company is at a stage where founder’s intuition isn’t enough to realize our ambitions. It’s time for us to have a CEO who can provide managerial leadership in both day-to-day operations and overall strategy.”

As the head of a fast-moving bootstrapped startup, Ullrich wore many hats during his tenure as CEO. He co-founded Earwolf with Scott Aukerman in 2010 and founded Midroll in 2013. He has produced 36 podcasts, including shows for Jeff Garlin, Seth Godin and Paul Scheer. In the past 18 months, he led the creative direction and business development of Midroll Media, guiding the company to over 120 podcasts, more than 100 advertisers, and from a few employees to 19. With Ullrich’s transition to Chairman, the company is filling new positions for a Creative Director and a Business Development head.

“Midroll Media has seen revenues grow 3X from the second quarter of 2013 to Q2 this year,” Ullrich said. “With that kind of phenomenal growth it is clear we need to bring on innovative and ambitious minds, both from a creative and business perspective, to help propel the company further. I am going to be replaced by three people who will all be better at their jobs than I was. How exciting is that?”

Sachs said, “I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to take over the CEO position at Midroll Media. We’re taking a leadership role at a critical time for a dynamic industry that Jeff has helped define. Obviously, he leaves behind enormous shoes to fill. I look forward to working with him as Chairman and bringing in the best people available to help me refine, pursue, and execute upon our creative vision.”

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