Research on Podcasting and Advertising

Midroll is podcasting’s leading producer of industry research and insights. We share this information because we want advertisers, podcasters, investors and the press to have an accurate understanding of this rapidly growing industry and how it works.

This research encompasses audience demographics, advertiser case studies, brand recall and lift, and more.

Audience Demographics

Midroll surveys the listeners of every one of the 250+ podcasts on our roster to provide advertisers with industry leading demographics on individual shows and the overall podcasting audience. Read our 2018 report.

Branded Podcasts

Ad Effectiveness

Metrics and Measurement

White Paper Guides

Advertiser Case Studies

National Soft Drink Brand [PDF]

Leading National Consumer Packaged Good [PDF]

NEW – MANSCAPED: MANSCAPED™ and Podcasting Are Growing Together

Madison Reed: Madison Reed Finds Influencers, Customers & Sales with Podcasts

Unilever’s Talenti: Talenti’s Delicious Details Stick with Podcast Listeners

Soy Vay: Podcasts Deliver Soy Vay’s Story with Impact

Backblaze: Backblaze Builds Brand Awareness with Podcast Ads

Bombas: Podcast Ads Are Profitable for Bombas

Drinkwel: Drinkwel Finds a Fit with Podcast Ads

Fracture: Podcasts Are the #1 Marketing Channel for Fracture

Foot Cardigan: Foot Cardigan Goes All-In with Podcast Ads

Igloo Software: Podcasts Create Sales Opportunities for Igloo Software

Mailchimp: Podcast Advertising is “the Right Thing to Do” for Mailchimp

Sling Media: Sling Media Saw 2 to 3x More Engagement from Podcast Ads vs. Radio

Smile: Smile Has Positive ROI from Podcast Sponsorships

Squarespace: Midroll Helps Squarespace Maximize ROI on Podcast Ads

Additional Insights