Midroll Has Demographics To Find The Best Podcast Match

Midroll’s podcasters recently asked their listeners to complete an online survey to help us better match shows with great advertisers. We’re blown away by the response–over 150,000 listeners completed the poll.

Because one of the purposes of this survey is to help advertisers find the right podcast for their target demographics, I thought I’d share some interesting demographic highlights for some of our shows.

Women Love These Podcasts

The stereotype is that podcast listening is a very male past-time. And while men do make up the majority of our listenership overall, there are quite a few shows in the Midroll roster with an audience that is at least 50% female. Here’s just a sampling:

Affluent Listeners: $75k +

We also represent more than a dozen podcasts in which more than half of listeners surveyed have a household income of $75,000 or more, well above the US median of $53,000. Some of these shows are:

Highly Educated: Graduate Degrees

There are a lot of graduate degrees in the Midroll audience. At least 30% of listeners to 10 different shows have a Master’s or higher degree. Compare this to the American population at large, where 11.5% have a graduate degree. These include:

Just a Taste

This is just a sample of the demographic information the Midroll team can use to help your company find podcasts that are the right fit for your ad campaign. Get in touch today to learn more.

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