Midroll Contributes Research to IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide

The Interactive Advertising Bureau just released version 2.0 of the Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide, led by Jennifer Lane, Industry Initiatives Lead for Audio. It’s a valuable reference for digital ad buyers, documenting in one place many of podcasting’s unique advantages.

As a member of the IAB’s Digital Audio Committee, we at Midroll are happy to contribute our research on podcast ad effectiveness to the guide.

Highlights from the guide include:

Audio is on when screens are not.

  • “Digital audio impressions do not need a screen to impact the consumer—ads play whether the device screen is on, off, or nonexistent.”

Podcast listeners are a desirable demographic.

  • 38% of podcast listeners are in the “coveted 18-34” demographic, according to the Edison Research/Triton Infinite Dial survey.

Podcast listeners “lean forward” and engage.

  • 68% of podcast listeners took action as a result of a podcast ad, according to comScore/Wondery.
  • 61% of podcast listeners in Midroll’s survey of 168,500 listeners say they have purchased a product or service from a podcast ad.

Podcasts deliver a native ad experience.

  • 67% of podcast listeners responding to Midroll’s unaided recall survey across six shows were able to name an actual product feature or specific promotion mentioned in a podcast ad.
  • And 88% of listeners to one sports category podcast were able to name recall a specific advertiser without prompting.

Read a blog post about the Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide and download the PDF at the IAB website. Then check out all of Midroll’s podcast advertising research on our Midroll Insights page.

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