The Midroll Is One Year Old!

Yes, The Midroll celebrated its first birthday on Friday! Kicking off with the Earwolf shows, The Midroll now represents over a hundred great podcasts, matching them with great advertisers.

I started working for The Midroll last week. I’m particularly excited to join at this moment because of the great work the company has been able to achieve in the last year. I first learned about The Mid Roll last year by listening to The Wolf Den podcast, already a fan of many shows in the directory. This came at a time when I was researching and writing about how podcasting can be a sustainable medium. I was impressed to learn that the Mid Roll team was doing something about it, in way that is smart and has integrity.

The Midroll exists because we believe in the unique power of podcasting and because it’s important for talented podcasters to be compensated for their work.

As Jeff explains it, “Part of our vision is to say how do we make sure that as much of the money as possible is kept by the content creators. the people who are doing all the work for this amazing show that then allows for the advertising.”

I decided to join up with The Midroll because I agree so strongly with these founding principles. I’ve been listening to podcasts since before the name even existed. So, selfishly, I want to see my favorite podcasters continue to produce their shows, rather than have to hang up their headphones because they have to find another way to pay the bills.

Simply put, I want great podcasts to be sustainable.

I will focus much of my attention on the Midroll blog, sharing with podcasters, advertisers and podcast fans research, interviews, best practices, news and insights about this rapidly growing medium. Stay tuned!

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