Making it easy can be hard

The best thing about the web apps that we all use—Facebook, Amazon, Google Maps and the like—it that their simplicity allows us to ignore all the spinning gears that make them work and just interact with them in a way that’s completely intuitive.

One of the biggest challenges with our platform continues to be removing the training wheels that currently exist in the ad-buying process so that advertisers can purchase the ad spots they want, and podcasters can create and maintain their inventory, without administrative intervention on The Mid Roll’s part. But simply building those tools and making them available is the easy part. You need them to be simple-to-use and straightforward, so that a podcaster that’s new to our platform can sit down and instantly figure out how to rearrange their schedule, change an episode date, or put an ad spot on hold without having to consult with tech support.

And since we’re all so up-to-our-necks in this stuff every day, sometimes we’re too close to it to even know what would feel intuitive to a regular user. That’s why we’re so grateful to our amazing advertising and podcasting partners who are utilizing the platform every day and letting us know what’s working great, and what can use streamlining.


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