Make Podcast Ads Work for You: Measuring Your Campaign

Running successful podcast ad campaigns requires experimentation and adjustment. And just like a good science experiment, repetition is vital. Edison didn’t create a working light bulb the day he got the idea, so your campaign may need a couple of trials before you find the right groove.

The first step in this process is to measure your campaign’s effectiveness, which is what we’ll cover in this post. In the following post we’ll tackle the next two steps: test and refine.

Successful direct response advertisers deploy a variety tactics to measure the success of their podcast campaigns. These first four the four most common. After these, we’ll share some additional research tools we can offer for both direct response and brand campaigns.

1. Custom URL

A custom URL is easy to remember and can be used to trigger a discount. Each URL should be exclusive to one show, so that you know which podcast generated the hit.

Generally speaking, custom URLs that aren’t paired to an incentive are less effective for tracking than those offering a discount or bonus.

2. Offer Codes

These are a unique word or phrase that a customer enters during the checkout process in order to get a special offer or discount. We recommend using a different code for each show, and making it easy for the listener to remember by relating it to the show itself.

3. Web Traffic and Social Mentions

With Midroll you’ll know when each ad in your campaign drops, so you can look for a bump in traffic associated with spots, especially when you use custom landing pages. This helps you measure interest and brand awareness.

Great ad reads get listeners buzzing, talking them up on social media. In fact, podcast listeners are often delighted when a brand chooses to support their favorite show. Try monitoring your social mentions to see your campaign at work.

4. Check-Out Survey

When a customer completes a purchase, ask: Where did you hear about our brand/product/service? It is a good idea to provide them with options that include the podcasts on which you’re advertising.

Ask hosts to mention it in their read: “Be sure to tell (advertiser) you heard about it on my podcast.” Listeners are more likely to take the cue when prompted by their favorite hosts.

PRO-TIP: Create a custom landing page based on the show you used to acquire a customer. Copy that says, “Welcome [Podcast Name] listeners” makes fans feel special, like they’re getting an exclusive offer that’s not available to the general public. Include the podcast logo or the host’s photo to complete the customization.

One More Tool: Ad Effectiveness Research

Midroll offers ad effectiveness research that can be included with larger campaigns. This includes in-house unaided recall surveys and third-party brand lift studies.

Learn more about our unaided recall surveys in this research report, and get brand lift results for seven major national brands in this post.

Next we’ll cover how to test and refine your campaign based on your measurements.

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