Make Podcast Ads Work for You: 5 Reasons Why Podcasts Work

Podcasting is barely more than a decade old, but the medium continues to make headlines because it connects audiences with deeply creative, charismatic and entertaining talent like no other medium. Because we at Midroll have launched more podcast ad campaigns than any other company we’ve learned why podcast ads work so well.

In this series of posts we’ll share these insights, so you can make podcast ads work for your brand or product. To start off, here are five reasons why podcast ads work:


1. Great Hosts Make Great Ad Reads

Instead of getting a typical 30-second pre-recorded audio spot, podcast listeners hear unique, live ad reads made personal by their favorite trusted hosts. Podcasts are not like radio or TV, in that listeners will never be exposed to the same spot over and over again, wearing out the welcome for your brand.

2. Podcast Ads Are Native

Hosts create ad reads that are entertaining and engaging, keeping listeners tuned in while delivering your message.

3. Listeners Pay Attention

According to a Midroll study of 11,123 podcast listeners:

90% of podcast listeners say they listen to the ads in a podcast episode

80% are able to name at least one brand advertised in an episode, unaided

67% are able to name a specific product feature or promotion mentioned in a podcast ad

By comparison, only…

7.3% of readers could remember the sponsor for a native text ad.

34% of viewers can recall the product in a scroll display ad

43% recall IAB Display Rising Star ads

4.Podcasts Are Endorsements from Trusted Hosts

When a host presents your product or service, they’re leveraging the trust that’s been cultivated with her audience over time, lending it to your brand or service. That’s because hosts have full control over the brands on their show, and they choose these brands carefully.

5. Listeners Buy from Podcasts

61% of Midroll podcast listeners say they have purchased a product or service from a podcast ad.

Can’t wait to learn everything there is to know about podcast ads?

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