Listener Loyalty Pays Off for Podcasts & Advertisers

We just published our latest podcast listener survey report, and this time around we have some insight on the loyalty of podcast fans.

Between Feb. 2 and Oct. 4, 2017 we asked 151,502 listeners of 205 shows on the Midroll roster to tell us about themselves, their listening habits, how they spend their money, and more. We also asked them if they would recommend the podcast that asked them to take the survey, using a standard 10-point Net Promoter Scale.

Let’s just say that every show on the Midroll roster comes highly recommended. The average NPS score is 70, which is exceptionally high. By comparison, the average NPS for the media industry is 45 and a highly regarded brand like Netflix has a score of 68, according to NPS Benchmarks.

When loyal listeners stick with shows they’re more likely to buy, too. 60% of all listeners surveyed have bought something from a podcast ad. But when we look at people who’ve been listening to a show for four or more years, that number jumps up to 72%.

What shows have super-high NPS scores? Who’s listeners do some of the most buying? Read the whole report to find out.


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