Kevin Smith: I’ve Done Way More Podcasts Than Films

Kevin Smith says he’ll always be called, “director Kevin Smith,” even though he’s “done way more podcasts than [he’s] done films.” On episode 59 of The Wolf Den he tells Jeff Ullrich that what he likes now is when people say, “he’s Kevin Smith for a living.”

Kevin says he grew his Smodcast network from 1 to 25 shows because of his “sheer desire to keep talking.” But he also says that his first show–and namesake of the network–Smodcast, would have become, “boring to a bunch of people, if all I talked about was Batman.” That’s why he added a podcast all about his favorite comic book superhero. Similar reasoning was behind creating a podcast like the entertainment discussion show Hollywood Babble-On, to provide an outlet for another of his favorite topics.

It’s true that Kevin likes to talk, but people are listening. He’s working with AMC to shoot the television pilot for Hollywood Babble-On.

“We’re at a place where [podcasts] are development ground,” Kevin explains. “That’s what everyone looks at it as. More and more podcasts get picked up,” for television and movies. He points out that the plot for his newest movie, Tusk, came from a story told on an episode of Smodcast.

Kevin also says that the development people in the entertainment industry are “stealth,” looking for the best new podcasting talent “before they pop,” and before there’s competition to sign them.

Looking back, then, Kevin says that he’s grateful that commercial radio wasn’t interested in the idea for what became the Hollywood Babble-On podcast. He and co-host Ralph Garman, “backed into our future, because somebody was, like, ‘no.’ Instead, Ralph was, like, ‘yes,’ let’s go ‘yes’ it ourselves. And now it’s a fucking TV pilot.”

With all his projects, Kevin says, “the key is not caring whether it works or not for others. It needs to work for you.” What keeps him producing podcasts every week is recognizing, “We’re still allowed to do this? You’re shitting me.”

Kevin says there’s still no gatekeeper for podcasting like there is for TV and movies. “I’m doing this. You can do this, too. I’m telling people just to do it.”

Listen to the full episode to hear more about the evolution of Smodcast’s lineup of shows and learn what Kevin sees for the future of podcasting.

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