Katie Couric’s Earwolf podcast debuts July 28 – Hear a preview now

Unless you haven’t used a television in 30 years, you must know the name Katie Couric. The former Today Show host and highly regarded interviewer is hosting her first podcast… and it’s with Earwolf.

The show begins July 28, but you can hear a preview now:

One of her first guests is Sen. Al Franken, who is both a lawmaker and a talented entertainer, known for his books, stints on Saturday Night Live and his nationally syndicated radio show. Future guests will include the biggest names in news, politics and popular culture, like veteran sports broadcaster Bob Costas and author Rebecca Traister. They will sit down for candid, unscripted conversations that go beyond soundbites, to reveal what’s really going on.

Katie’s co-host is Brian Goldsmith, a political consultant for Yahoo News and former producer for CBS News. He will voice the ad reads for the show.

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