Just Added 2 New Machinima Shows on Big Channels Popular with Young Men

We just added two new Machinima shows that are a good fit for campaigns targeting young men. Machinima is one of the top video game sites and multi-channel networks, and these shows’ channels have big, loyal subscriber bases.

Machinima’s “Weird Weekly News” is hosted by Machinima ETC’s Ricky Hayberg and Eliot Dewberry. They present the most bizzarre, and often NSFW, stories from around the world. The video show is on Machinima’s ETC YouTube channel, which has over 840,000 subscribers.

Machinima’s “Jerome and Ryan Show” is on Jerome’s YouTube channel, which has over 4 million subscribers. This show–just launched in February–already pulls in a strong audience.

This one is dedicated to gaming, covering hot topics in the industry, and paying homage to classic games. Each edition’s theme takes a popular subject in the gaming world and shows its influence on pop culture.

Drop us a line to learn more about advertising on these and Midroll’s other great gaming shows.

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