‘Myths and Legends’ host Jason Weiser Shares Shocking Stories

Over the course of 48 episodes Jason Weiser has tackled dozens of time-honored tales on his podcast “Myths and Legends.” The show recently joined Midroll’s roster of great podcasts.

On “Myths and Legends” Jason digs into the original stories behind popular adaptations, like those of King Arthur, Hercules, and Aladdin. He also uncovers lesser known lore that is as fascinating as it is entertaining.

Jason recently talked with Mental Floss’ Whitney Matheson to share some of the more shocking stories, from Koschei The Deathless, who is “kind of like the original Voldemort,” to Şüräle, the man who tickles people to death.

“Myths and Legends” is a great show for listeners who crave an original, yet still classic, take on storytelling. Advertisers on the podcast can reach an audience that is gender balanced between men and women, and is highly educated. 68% of the show’s listeners have a college degree.

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