Infinite Dial Survey Says Podcast Audience Is Valuable and Growing

“[T]he podcast consumer is a valuable advertising target and one that’s increasingly harder to reach with other audio [media], given the amount of time that they’re spending listening to podcasts.”

That observation was made by Tom Webster, VP of Research at Edison Research, during a webinar unveiling the results of the new 2015 edition of the Infinite Dial survey of American listening habits.

The headline numbers are that approximately 89 million Americans 12+ have listened to a podcast–an increase of 10% over 2014–and 46 million listened to podcasts in the last month, up 7 million over last year. 27 million listened in the last week. In case there was any doubt, this means podcasts have entered the mainstream.

Podcast audience demographics illustrate why they’re so attractive. Our own survey of podcast listeners shows that they are affluent and educated.

Edison fills in the picture a little more, finding that podcast listeners are more likely to have a college degree than the general public. In fact, 45% of college degree holders have ever listened to a podcast, while 24% listened in the last month. An impressive 52% of persons with a household income over $100k have listened to a podcast, and 26% have listened in the last month.

Because podcast listeners consume an average of six shows a week, and more podcasts than any other audio, it’s obvious that there’s one best way for advertisers to reach this valuable audience: podcast advertising. We also have even more demographic information about the listeners of all of our shows to help you select the podcast that best fits your needs.

Drop us a line so we can help you reach this growing segment of valued listeners.

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