Our Illustrated Whitepaper Shows Why Podcast Listeners Are Awesome

Last quarter Midroll surveyed the listeners of 106 podcasts on our roster to learn more about who they are and what their buying habits are. The response was overwhelming–279,864 listeners took the survey.

Listeners responded because they understand that it helps the podcasts they love to find the best and most appropriate advertisers. Listeners also understand the bargain: podcast ads keep their favorite shows free and in production.

We have compiled the results of this survey in an illustrated whitepaper called “Podcasts by the Numbers.”

The URL is awesome.midroll.com because we think the results really are awesome. Because of this we decided not to present the data in boring tables and charts. Instead we jazzed it up and created a microsite, making it fun to read, as well as informative.

Only Midroll has this kind of comprehensive podcast listener demographics. Get in touch today to put this to work for your brand or product.

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