‘How Did This Get Played’ examines the world’s most confusing video games

Sometimes you encounter a video game so unbelievably bad that you have to laugh-out-loud and wonder how it got made.

Cue the launch of the new Earwolf podcast, “How Did This Get Played?” with your hosts Heather Campbell and Nick Wiger. Nick is the co-host of the successful podcast “Doughboys” (with over 2,000 five star reviews on Apple Podcasts) and Heather is a video game journalist and writer on television shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “Whose Line Is It Anyways?”

These two gamer friends dissect how some of these cultural artifacts were brought into homes and left many scratching their heads. The discussion takes the same tone as Earwolf’s hit podcast “How Did This Get Made?”

Co-host Nick Wiger mentioned the formation of the show to his 46k followers on Twitter and was met with joy and over 1,000 retweets of the announcement. We are anticipating a loyal and engaged audience from episode one so get your clients activated early. The debut episode drops on June 26th.

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