Hear About Podcasting’s Cutting Edge from Stitcher & Marvel at Advertising Week New York

We’re unleashing Wolverine on Advertising Week. Well, not literally (imagine the cleaning bill). But Stitcher and Midroll will be there to talk about Marvel and storytelling (and our collaboration: “Wolverine: The Long Night“), as well as how podcasting is scaling.

Learn about the cutting edge in podcasting from Stitcher’s CCO Chris Bannon, CMO Amy Fitzgibbons and CEO Erik Diehn during this year’s Advertising Week New York:

Marvel and the Power of Podcast Storytelling for Brands

Oct. 1 at 4:30 PM, Twitter Stage
Featuring: Chris Bannon, CCO Stitcher; Amy Fitzgibbons, CMO Stitcher; Daniel Fink, Exec. Dir. Business Development, Marvel; Max Willens, Reporter Digiday.

How Major Digital Players Are Driving Podcasting to Scale

Oct. 2 at 10:15 AM, Culture Stage
Featuring: Erik Diehn, CEO Stitcher; Bryan Moffett, COO National Public Media; LIzzie Widhelm, SVP of Ad Innovation Pandora.

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