Recent Press for Midroll and the Business of Podcasting

The breakout success of Serial and other shows is bringing fresh attention to podcasting, especially the business of podcasting. Since Midroll exclusively represents many top podcasts–from WTF with Marc Maron and The Nerdist to StarTalk Radio and On Being–journalists reporting on how podcasters make money are talking with our CEO Adam Sachs. He was interviewed for all the following articles, along with other smart folks who are advancing the medium.

At the end of October the International Business Times published an article titled, “Welcome To The Million-Dollar Podcast: A Niche Medium Grows Up A Bit And Advertisers Start To Notice.” Reporter Christopher Zara also talked with Public Radio Exchange CEO Jake Shapiro, who told him that podcasting, “is just a really powerful place to be for brands. So it’s starting to command a premium.”

Gimlet Media produces Alex Blumberg’s StartUp podcast. Company co-founder–and Midroll client–Matt Lieber told The Financial Times last week that, “When you put a smartphone in every pocket, we think it’s inevitable that listening will shift from AM/FM broadcasts to digital.”

With its core audience of advertising professionals, we were particularly enthused to see Advertising Age pose the question, “Are Podcasts Poised to Break Into Advertising Mainstream?” Midroll advertiser Mike Laughlin, the director-digital at Palisades MediaGroup, told writer Max Willens that podcast ads are “five times as effective as buying one website.” He continued, “In the past, we’d buy NPR and maybe they’d throw in a podcast. Now we go and say, ‘We want five of your best podcasts, and we’ll take one of your websites as a throw-in.’”

On the same day the Advertising Age article published there was another nice piece from CNBC. Adam explained to reporter Katrina Bishop that, “We know that podcasts are a very intimate medium – the hosts are literally in your ear on a regular basis. They feel like your friends. So it can be very powerful when they read an ad.”

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