Foot Cardigan Goes All-In with Podcast Ads

foot-cardigan-logoFor those who like to give or receive a little “needed surprise” in their mailbox every month, there’s Foot Cardigan. The company’s service sends what CEO Bryan DeLuca calls, “one crazy pair of random socks,” to keep your feet happy.

However, he explains that, “people don’t know sock subscriptions exist, until they hear about it.” There’s not a lot of people searching for this kind of service, so the company tried a number of different advertising approaches to promote its product, including internet display ads, ads on social media, and traditional PR.

Then Foot Cardigan tried its first podcast ad at the end of 2013. Bryan said, “it worked really well for us.”

“While we’ve had little successes here and there,” with the other advertising platforms, he said, “the overall consistency we’ve had with podcasts is a breath of fresh air.”

Building on that initial success, the company has continued booking podcast ads with Midroll.

All In with Podcast Ads

Since Foot Cardigan got started with Midroll, Bryan reports that, “between 15% and 20%” of all sales opportunities come from podcast ads.

Bryan DeLuca
Bryan DeLuca

“The great thing about podcasts is that we know exactly when the ads are running, and so we know when to expect certain traffic–any codes that we use are trackable, [then] we match them to the podcast.”

In fact, they’ve performed so well that, “Right now podcasts are the only place where we advertise.” Bryan elaborated, “It’s an exciting prospect for us, that we don’t have to strain our necks trying to figure out where to promote ourselves. We can actually be very specific in what works, so for us we’re only putting ads on podcasts because we know that works.”

An Easy, Creative Process

Bryan said that the team at Foot Cardigan likes being involved in that creative process, and that creating their ads has been impressively easy. “Specifically,” Bryan said, “what the Midroll has done is let the host really take control, and then make sure that our ads are placed properly with hosts who will play up the uniqueness of our company and our brand.”

The uniquely personal nature of the live host read is an important aspect of Foot Cardigan’s ads. “If the host believes in the product or loves the product,” Bryan observed, “then that really comes across to the listener for them to be able to make, hopefully, a wise decision.”

They Pay for Themselves

Compared to other platforms, “with podcasts you largely know exactly who you are appealing to–you know the audience of a certain podcast.”

He said that his company has found “a sweet spot” with several shows. At the same time, “we’re always trying to experiment with other ones, to try to hone in on a demographic, and see what topics work better.”

Of course, one big question is: do the ads pay for themselves? “Yeah,” Bryan said, β€œon average they do.”