Podcast Ads Are “Truly Native”

Mark Ramsey is a veteran media strategist and researcher, with a particular specialty in radio. He also hosts and curates Hivio, an invitation only “audio future festival.”

Mark invited Erik Diehn, Midroll Media’s VP of Business Development, to participate in a video interview about monetizing podcasts.

With all the discussion these days about native advertising, it is interesting to hear Erik explain how podcast ads are “a truly native ad.” He says that because the vast majority of spots are read by hosts they sound integrated with the program. They don’t become a “disruptive out-of-listening experience,” like you find on Pandora or Spotify, where the commercials stand out from and disrupt the stream of music. There’s a steady flow, which keeps listeners engaged.

On top of that, because the ad is “baked-in” and part of the podcast, Diehn says they are “aggregator proof.” No matter what platform a listener is using the ad is still heard.

This part of the discussion begins at 12:55 in the video. But it’s really worth watching the full twenty minutes.

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