Effective Podcast Ads Help Drive More Brand Business

Podcasts have been long associated with the direct response advertisers who first invested in the medium and helped prove it out. You may be surprised to learn, then, that brand campaigns now constitute half of Midroll’s podcast ad revenue in 2018, splitting the total evenly with direct response campaigns.

That’s according to Korri Kolesa, SVP of Sales and Partnerships, who revealed this fact during a webinar co-presented with RAIN News on September 13, “The Power of Podcasts for National Brands – Case Studies in Ad Effectiveness.”

Proven effective ad campaigns are one factor driving this growth. We conduct industry-standard ad effectiveness studies with Nielsen, and these results have contributed to millions of dollars in renewals just this year.

What does effectiveness look like?

We presented aggregate results across nine studies conducted for seven well-known national brands, six of which are in the Fortune 500. Some highlights are:

  • 50% of listeners exposed to an ad within a podcast clip could recall the brand advertised, unaided.
    • This outperforms nearly every form of display ad, including IAB Rising Star formats.
  • 71% of listeners exposed to an ad said they were likely to buy the product advertised.
    • This constitutes an average lift of 8% compared to a control group which heard the same clip, but were not exposed to an ad.

Podcasts generate more unaided recall than IAB Display Rising Star & Legacy UAP Ads: 50% average unaided recall of traditional mid-roll podcast ad vs. 34% for iab Rising Star ads


Watch the full webinar to get even more ad effectiveness results, along with data-driven insights on what makes podcast ads perform better and a spirited Q&A session. Then download the slide deck as a handy reference for best practices in designing your first, or your next, podcast ad campaign.

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