YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Bring Ear Biscuits to Midroll

Two more YouTube stars have joined the Midroll roster. Rhett and Link are known for their megapopular viral videos like Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek that rack up millions of views. They also had their own comedy reality series on IFC, Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, in which they brought their unique and hilarious style to low-budget commercials filmed for small businesses across the country.

Ear Biscuits with Rhett and Link

Ear Biscuits is the new podcast where Rhett and Link talk with cutting edge creators at the forefront of new media. Recent guests include action/adventure filmmaker Devin Supertramp Graham, well-known Australian YouTuber Natalie Tran, and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress Felicia Day.

Their style is clever but accessible, attracting listeners who are smart and want to know more about the forefront of internet and popular culture.

Don’t miss this chance to get your podcast ads on this great show. Drop us a line to learn more.

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