Dr. Phil Is Introducing a New Female Audience to Podcasts

In the recent 2019 Infinite Dial report we learned that the monthly podcast audience grew 23% in the last year, to 90 million. That adds up to 17 million new listeners.

Thanks to Dr. Phil McGraw’s mainstream name recognition and large fanbase, his new podcasts “Phil in the Blanks” and “Analysis of Murder” are attracting a significant portion of this fresh audience.

In fact, according to our survey of these audiences, at least half have been podcast listeners for less than one year. Plus, more than a quarter of the “Phil in the Blanks” audience said they have been podcast listeners for just a month.

Both “Analysis of Murder” and “Phil in the Blanks” hit #1 on the Apple Podcasts chart and have been mainstays at the top echelon ever since. On top of that, women make up more than three-quarters of each shows’ listenership.

That means Dr. Phil is reaching a large number of female listeners who haven’t heard many other podcasts. Or many other podcast ads.

This is a great opportunity for advertisers to speak to an audience that is largely unduplicated in podcasting.

And where else can you have Dr. Phil talk about your brand, himself, with his loyal fans?

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