Catch the Story of Lex Friedman’s “Second Act” in Entrepreneur Startups

This month’s Entrepreneur Startups magazine features the “second act,” of our own Lex Friedman, EVP of Sales, in a feature titled, “The Accidental Entrepreneur: 3 Tales of Entrepreneurial ‘Eureka’ Moments.” Lex’s second act is his role here at Midroll.

As the article reveals, in 2012 Lex was a full-time writer for Macworld in New York when he started his own podcast, Unprofessional. However, his network wasn’t selling too many ads, so he jumped in to pick up the slack. Turns out, he was pretty damn good at it.

“A couple of months into it, I suddenly represented 50 podcasts,” he says. “I realized this was big enough that I either had to stop doing it, because it was going to start taking up too much time, or I had to devote myself full time.”

We’re all very glad that led him to starting his own podcast ad agency, which he then merged with Midroll in 2013. That roster of 50 shows has grown to well over 200, and now Lex leads a team of five podcast sales experts who help some the very best podcasters make money.

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