Case Study: Drinkwel Finds a Fit with Podcast Ads

Drinkwel is a health-focused multivitamin created specifically for people who drink alcohol. CEO Mike McAdams said the product is a preventative measure that “replenishes nutrients and supports the liver to make you feel better the next day,” after having a few drinks.

“At this point in the lifecycle of the product, we know it works and people like it; so we’re trying to find new customers,” he told me. Mike had been listening to podcasts for a few years, so podcast advertising had been on his mind. Then a mutual friend introduced him to Midroll CEO, Adam Sachs.

“That was the clincher,” he said, “because Midroll is different than dealing with bigger, radio advertising-type companies, they were willing to cater something for us and do small tests to see what worked. That got us to pull the trigger.”

Drinkwel ran test campaigns on three shows in the last quarter of 2014. “It went pretty well overall. We got sales from all three shows.” One show was the clear top performer, “so we booked long term advertising for that one.”

He continued, “As a smaller business, we’re not a product everybody has heard of. We have to teach a lesson every time we do an ad.” That’s why he thinks it’s important for hosts to try Drinkwel themselves, so that the ad is more of an experienced-based testimonial. In general, Midroll is able to connect advertisers with hosts to try and make sure the two are a fit.

Mike said Drinkwel plans to run more test podcast ad campaigns to home in on the shows and audiences that are the very best fit for the product.

He also said that he’s “really happy” to work with Midroll for his podcast ads. “If anything, they’re more on top of it than we are… When I ask for pricing I just get it. When I let them know what my budget is, I get things within my budget. It’s just a very straightforward experience and not overly salesy.”


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