BSPN’s Channel 33 Podcasts Deliver for Listeners & Advertisers

The Bill Simmons Podcast Network has launched four great shows all under one umbrella called Channel 33.  It’s a great opportunity for advertisers to reach BSPN’s loyal listeners.

Following the breakout debut of the Bill Simmons Podcast, Channel 33 is the new podcast home for Bill’s colleagues who used to be at Grantland with him: Chris Ryan (Grantland’s Hollywood Prospectus Podcast), Andy Greenwald (Grantland’s Andy Greenwald Podcast), and Juliet Litman (Grantland’s Right Reasons Podcast).

Channel 33 follows in Bill’s trailblazing path of combining sports and popular culture. Hosts each tackle a different topic with their own unique style and wit–plus they get occasional surprise visits from Bill, himself.

  • The Watch with Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald  focuses on the most important shows on television right now.
  • Sources Say with Chris Ryan and Juliet Litman  dives into what’s news in sports and culture.
  • The Juliet Show with Juliet Litman covers pop culture, along with excessive thoughts on ‘The Bachelor’ and every other unapologetically ridiculous reality show.
  • Bachelor Party takes on “The Bachelor”

Launched at the end of October, Channel 33 has already won over a sizable audience, and has become a fixture on the iTunes chart. All the hosts are seasoned pros who know how to deliver for their advertisers. That’s why the minimum campaign spend is $15,000. The Midroll sales staff will help you maximize the value of that buy — and you’ll be glad you put the show to work for your brand!

Contact us today to learn more and get started advertising on Channel 33:

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