Create an Effective Branded Podcast with Midroll Brand Studio

Podcasts are a singularly captivating medium. Because hosts talk directly to listeners, they form a uniquely intimate relationship. As we’ve demonstrated with our recall survey research, audiences stay engaged and they remember the brands and products they hear about on every episode.

Sponsoring a branded podcast puts the spotlight exclusively on your brand. This means your brand is up front, with 100% share of voice, tastefully integrated into content that is compelling to a loyal audience that actively chooses to hear your message.

Let Midroll Brand Studio help your brand leverage podcasts with customized, truly native content that keeps listeners engaged (and is completely immune from ad blockers). Midroll has the talent, experience and expertise to create the perfect branded podcast that is also surprisingly budget-friendly.

Download our “Branded Podcast Overview” to learn why branded podcasts work, get some great content ideas, and read about an effective brand integration. Then get in touch when you’re ready to learn even more.

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