Billboard Comedy Podcasters Profile Gets It Right About Podcasting

Billboard’s new comedy issue has a nice profile of podcasters Marc Maron, Jimmy Pardo and Aisha Tyler. In this piece writers Phil Gallo and Shirley Halpern get so many things right and really do justice to these hosts and the medium.

Right off the bat the writers emphasize that, “A comedian craving intimacy might want to consider becoming a podcaster.” That relationship between host and listeners is something we podcast enthusiasts have long known about and experienced. It truly makes podcasting stand apart from even radio.

As Tyler puts it, listeners “become evangelists for you.”

Also, it’s particularly good to see the fact that the hosts–and Never Not Funny producer Matt Belknap– are making a living with their shows is highlighted. Pardo says that for comedians today podcasts are “what Johnny Carson was in the 1970s and 80s.”

Certainly Tyler, Pardo and Maron are podcasters at the top of their game. Yet that game is only going to get bigger as more listeners discover the medium. At Midroll we’re glad to be a part of it.

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