Bill Simmons Gets Personal for His First Dunkin Donuts Ad Read

“The Boston Sports Guy” Bill Simmons is also a big fan of one of that city’s most famous culinary exports: Dunkin’ Donuts. This makes the coffee and baked goods chain an excellent fit to advertise on The Bill Simmons Podcast, which rocketed to the top of the charts when it debuted in October.

Bill got personal in his first ad read for Dunkin’, fondly remembering the time he’s spent in the restaurant writing columns or making that week’s picks. He also recalled watching General Hospital as a kid after school with his Uncle Bob, who always had a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. “Uncle Bob made me a coffee addict,” Bill explained, “just by watching how much he enjoyed the Dunkin’ Donuts.”

This spot epitomizes the qualities that set podcast ads apart. It’s sincere, fresh, engaging, and is as much an endorsement as an advertisement. The read also shows how a big national brand can benefit from these advantages.

Take a listen for yourself:

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