‘Bad With Money’ Returns With Season 4 On April 24

Money. Everyone needs it but no one knows how to talk about it. Gaby Dunn, the host of the “Bad With Money” podcast, doesn’t know either. That’s why she enlists a wide array of guests to be her guide on topics like shopping addiction, cryptocurrency and campaign finance reform.

Clearly, Dunn isn’t afraid to address the things that are on everyone’s mind, but are hard to discuss. At the same time, she keeps it fun, like group therapy meets an economics class taught by that one rad teacher we all had in high school. “Bad With Money” offers up a fresh perspective compared to the many other finance podcasts.

Three seasons in, the show has performed very well in the charts – consistently in the Top 50. Dunn herself is a rising talent, with growing reach. She has a successful new book by the same name and has a strong presence on social media as well, with over 130k followers on Twitter and 370k followers on Instagram.

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