Articles and Tweets from a Successful Wolfpop Launch

A little more than a week after Wolfpop launched on November 4 the network’s thirteen shows have anchored themselves in the iTunes top podcast charts and we’ve received some awesome listener response. Here’s a sampling of tweets:

Wolfpop also received some great press coverage. Here are some highlights:

Los Angeles Magazine writer Elina Shatkin published a lovely profile of Wolfpop hosts Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre and their new show Crybabies.

Splitsider’s Megh Wright interviewed Wolfpop curator Paul Scheer to get the lowdown on how the new network came together.

Mike Ayers also talked with Paul for an article at The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog, as did Kyle Ryan for a PopWatch post at Entertainment Weekly.

 Don’t miss out! Check out some Wolfpop shows (then give us a shout to talk about sponsoring).

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