Amp Up Your Ad Spots with Custom Segments

The podcast industry was built on pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad spots. Voiced by trusted podcast hosts, these spots have been demonstrated to deliver for advertisers time and again.

Still, sometimes you have more to say. Custom segments are perfect for this.

A custom segment is part of an episode, lasting about five minutes, where advertisers have the opportunity to work with hosts and producers on creating content that keep listeners engaged while also effectively representing your brand. The advantages include having more share of voice than a traditional spot, while still costing less than a fully branded episode or series.

Here are recent examples to get your gears turning.

Beautiful Stories from Subaru Owners

You might have heard of the “Subaru Mystique.” Subaru owners seem to have a special relationship to their vehicles. It’s not something you can just sum up in 60 second ad read.

That’s why the auto manufacturer called on comedian Chris Gethard–recently named Best Podcast Host by the Webbys–who has a unrivaled talent for getting average people to share their most heartfelt thoughts. It’s what he does on his podcast “Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People,” where he takes a call from anyone who wants to talk, with just two rules: The caller remains anonymous and Chris can’t hang up.

In five episodes of his show Chris talked to actual anonymous callers about how they love their Subarus.

A man calling from inside his Subaru recounts how his interest in rally racing led him to “multiple ownerships of Subarus over the years.” Another caller, a woman who has owned as many as eight Subarus at once, explains that, “As soon as I rode in one, I ended up just wanting to be in one all the time.”

That people are willing to give candid, honest and uncompensated testimonials like this drives home how special Subarus are. But it’s the unique skill of Chris Gethard to draw people out, and the fact that callers deeply trust him, which makes these segments entertaining in and of themselves.

The Read on ‘Dear White People’

Hosts Crissle and Kid Fury took five minutes of their wildly popular podcast “The Read” to talk about why they’re excited for the Netflix series “Dear White People.” This satire on race in America is set amongst a diverse group of students of color as they navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college.

Crissle and Kid Fury explain how they relate to the series in the same outspoken style that endears them to listeners, tackling tough issues like racism and sexism head on, with humor and style.

Crissle attended a large state university where the vast majority of students were white. At the time she says, “I was just kind of getting into my black identity,” remembering teachers treating her differently. “You’re the one black girl in class, so clearly you’re the special one, and we’ll hold you up as the ‘black representative.'”

When Kid Fury replies that she must have heard, “You must be making your family so proud,” Crissle retorts, “Not really. I’m kind of a massive disappointment. Both my parents have advanced degrees.”

Unflinchingly direct, but also funny and self-effacing, the result is a segment that is authentic to both “The Read” and “Dear White People,” as well as the hosts and the listeners, who wind up with a litany of reasons to watch the Netflix series.

Impact for Soy Vay

Clorox’s Soy Vay brand of Asian marinades turned to the food podcasts “Gastropod” and “Spilled Milk,” to tell that brand’s singular story. The advertiser called these custom segments, “extremely impactful.” Read the case study to learn why.

Creative Control & Approval

Because more time and resource is dedicated to custom segments, we make sure that advertisers are completely satisfied with the final product. You get complete creative control and approval.

Midroll’s Brand Studio producer Alexandra DePalma will be your guide to help leverage the exceptional talents behind our roster of top podcasts. She’ll make sure that your story gets told with style, entertaining and informing listeners the whole way.

To learn more, drop us a line.

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