For Aisha Tyler her Girl on Guy Podcast Is a “Creative Refuge”

Aisha Tyler is a successful actress, comedian and author. She is also part of the cast on CBS’s Emmy-winning The Talk, is the voice of Superspy Lana Kane on FX’s Archer, and hosts Whose Line Is It Anyway? on The CW. With all that on her plate, it’s surprising that Aisha still does all of the production of her popular podcast, Girl on Guy, herself.

“I’m a self starter,” she tells Adam Sachs on episode 67 of The Wolf Den podcast. So when she launched Girl on Guy, “I wanted to see if it was going to fly. Not just, like, publicly. [But] personally, was it going to work for me?”

Once the show got going, “then it became the tempo of the show. I liked that I could just post it when I’m ready to post it.”

With everything else going on in her career, “It’s become a little bit of a creative refuge for me,” Aisha explained. “I really enjoy making the show, and when I go on hiatus I’m really happy to be off. And the minute I come back, I’m so excited to be back.”

When she settles back into her office to start work on the podcast again, she says, “it’s really delicious, and I really revel in all that. So I don’t want to give away all that, either.”

While Aisha says that her primary motivation for creating Girl on Guy was “because I wanted something that’s mine,” it also has been the seed to grow other ventures.

“Self-Inflicted Wounds” is a segment on the podcast, which is about “humanizing people who seem to be perfect from far away.” In it guests tell stories of tripping themselves up. The segment inspired Aisha to write a book on that theme, “that was [full of] my own stories. Then it got optioned to be a TV show that I’m in the middle of filming now. So, a lot of collateral stuff has come out of [Girl on Guy].”

Aisha reinforces that “for me, very early on, my goal was to get control of my creative life.” That is a thread that runs through her career, right up to the new spirits brand that she is launching. “A big part of entrepreneurism is finding a passion, then pouring yourself into it.”

Listen to the whole episode to learn more about Aisha’s interviewing secrets, her career strategies, and why she believes, “success is not the absence of failure, it’s just persistence through failure.”

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