We Added Shows from the Mythbusters Guys and Tested

We recently added two podcasts from TV Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman’s and Adam Savage’s Tested. That site is dedicated to breakthroughs in science, discoveries in nature and emerging technology, and–true to their name–tests of consumer electronics.

The Tested shows appeal to curious and tech-savvy listeners who have come to trust Hyneman’s and Savage’s unbiased and scientific approach.

Still Untitled is hosted by Savage and Tested staffers Norman Chan and Will Smith. On this wildly popular show the hosts explore the things that they’re excited about right now. Topics range from setting up your own workshop to the makeup secrets of TV creatures and monsters.

On This Is Only a Test, the Tested team comes together for a weekly roundtable discussion, discussing the week’s nerd culture news and reporting on the in-depth tests they’re conducting on the newest tech products.

Inventory for both these shows just became available, so contact us quickly to learn more and reserve your campaign.

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