Adam Conover Launches ‘Factually!’ with Earwolf

Adam Conover is an extremely curious guy. This is showcased on every episode of his TV show, “Adam Ruins Everything,” that’s run for four seasons on TruTV. But this wasn’t enough. He wanted to dive even deeper into subjects that sparked his interest. This is where “Factually!” was born.

In each episode Adam brings a subject to the table and doesn’t just pontificate for an hour. He brings in an expert to discuss it and explain in clear terms what it means. Some of the subjects he plans on tackling are Constitutional law, the housing crisis and gun control. While the topics are serious, Adam brings a level-headed approach and a sense of humor to make these dense topics approachable, and ultimately educational.

This show is similar to the breakaway Earwolf hit, “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness” and we wouldn’t be surprised if the same sort of growth is in store. Get in touch soon to secure your inventory.


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