Podcasts Are Driving an Explosion in Audio Consumption

The data keeps rolling in: podcast listening is exploding, and podcast listeners are hardcore fans.

First, the big number: Americans listen to approximately 21,117,000 hours of podcasts every single day. That’s according to Edison Research’s new Fall 2014 “Share of Ear” study.

The study also says that podcast listeners now listen to podcasts more than any other form of audio, including radio, music and satellite. This is a jump from the last “Share of Ear” study released just last spring, when podcasts were listeners’ #2 audio source, behind terrestrial radio.

Edison also reports that podcast fans listen to some two hours more audio than the average American, at six hours and eight minutes a day compared to the four hour daily average. With podcast listeners dedicating 30% of their audio consumption to ’casts, that makes for an average of 110 minutes of podcasts a day.

This means podcasts are an addition to a person’s daily audio diet, not just replacing radio or music time. Podcast listening amongst all Americans increased 18% from spring to fall 2014.

Here at Midroll we’ve known that podcast fans are special and we’re thrilled that more savvy advertisers are taking notice of this growing audience of loyal listeners who pay attention to their favorite hosts and shows. Our own listener research shows that 95% of podcast listeners listen to most or every episode of a show, and 63% bought a product or service after hearing it advertised on a podcast.

No matter how you look at it, a great year for podcasting is ahead.

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