WTF with Marc Maron
Comedy Bang! Bang!
StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson
Girl on Guy
The Nerdist
The Jillian Michaels Show
Entrepreneur on Fire
Sklarbro Country
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Great Advertisers,
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Great Advertisers,
Meet Great Podcasts

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World-Class Podcasters

Over 200 Great Podcasts Are Making Money With Midroll

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Podcast ads deliver effective results

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64% of Midroll podcast listeners say that they bought something after hearing an ad on our shows.

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More Engagement

In a three month head-to-head test against radio, Sling Media found 2 - 3 times more engagement from their podcast ads.

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Your Brand

When a podcast host reads your ad, it’s a direct and personal endorsement of your brand.

Why Choose Midroll?

Midroll is the leading podcast advertising network, connecting companies and brands to sponsor some of the most beloved and respected names in podcasting. Our 120+ shows are downloaded more than 15 million times a month. Midroll’s industry-first platform gives advertisers 24/7 access to spots and metrics.

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A Big Day for Midroll & Podcasting: Midroll Media Is Acquired by E.W. Scripps Company

Today is a big day for us here at Midroll, and also a big day for podcasting: Midroll has been acquired by E.W. Scripps company. This is an exciting moment as we begin a new phase of this company, born from the simple, but powerful idea, that great content...

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